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At Mission Possible, we get you talking.


Our boutique language school focuses on British and American English and prepares for all major English exams - CFE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI levels 1,2,3,4 - as well as legal English exams: LNAT (for law students) and TOLES (for Advocates, Attorneys, Barristers and Judges).


We are also a TOLES exam center. Our tutors are mother-tongue teachers with academic background.


We specialize in one-to-one classes. Never miss a thing, never make a mistake we won’t correct, never waste a minute - start learning now and move on with your plans!


We have proudly worked with, among others, ING Bank, T-mobile & Orange, and have 14 years experience in teaching in New York, Central Europe and now Switzerland.


We offer tailored Executive Classes for doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, architects and entrepreneurs as well.


The classes cost 60frcs / 1h and 80frcs (12% discount) / 1.5h.


Don't hesitate to call Agnes at +41795550211 if you have any questions!


Gaëtan Tiger, Director, HUG, Geneva

"I completed over a dozen classes with Agnes Janich to refresh my English skills. I want to strongly recommend her. She is dynamic, curious, proactive and very professional. After the first meeting, which was an assessment of my needs, we quickly went on to discuss case studies (based on videos and articles) in my domain, hospital infrastructure projects. We also undertook a visit to the newly completed hospital building to relate the vocabulary I learned to its actual use. Agnes helped me discover numerous websites to support my English learning:,, A big thank you!!"


Gaëtan Tiger, Director of Projects and Processes, University Hospital, Geneva

Pierre Delmotte, IT student, Geneva

"Agnes is a professor that I strongly recommend. Thanks to her simple and straightforward classes, I am learning the correct English language habits. Her teaching method is easy to follow. It improved my English, both professional and conversational. Agnes is very experiences and understands very quickly what her student needs to progress. She adapts well and proposes tailor-made solutions. It is a real pleasure to learn this way!"

Pierre Delmotte, IT student, Geneva