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Our boutique language school focuses on British and American English and prepares for all major English exams - CFE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI levels 1,2,3,4 - as well as legal English exams: LNAT (for law students) and TOLES (for Advocates, Attorneys, Barristers and Judges).


We are certifying as a TOLES exam center. Our tutors are mother-tongue teachers with an academic background.


We specialize in one-to-one classes. Never make a mistake we won’t correct - start learning now and move on with your plans!


We have proudly worked with, among others, Cameron McKenna, Denton’s, Allianz, Raiffeisen, Microsoft, General Electric and CERN employees and have 14 years experience in teaching in New York, Central Europe and now Switzerland.


We offer custom-made Executive Classes for doctors, lawyers, IT specialists, architects and entrepreneurs.


Pawel Wyrzykowski

"I was learning English conversation skills and architecture and design vocabulary with Agnes from Mission Possible, and strongly recommend her services. She was an able, interesting teacher good at transferring this specialized and professional knowledge. Her classes were interesting and she has proven to be a good listener. I was always able to discuss my current projects with her, which enhanced my success in designing real estate in Miami, Florida."