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For 15 years, we have taught:

  • business executives from Boards of Directors of T-Mobile, Orange and Aviva

  • bankers from Banque Pictet
  • MBA & EMBA students from EMBA IMD Lausanne and Université de Genève
  • lawyers from CameronMcKenna, Denton's and Baker McKenzie
  • academics from PAN, the European Space Agency and working with CERN

  • middle- and high-school students preparing for Oxford University, Rutgers University and Columbia University

  • doctors - internal medicine doctors specializing in cancers, General Practitioners and neuroscientists i.e. from HUG

  • entrepreneurs in architecture, construction, property management, hospitality and transport sectors

  • financial analysts and brokers from Allianz and Raiffeisen

  • IT specialists from SAS, SII and Microsoft.


We love to see your progress - and add to it with our efforts.


Gaëtan Tiger, Director, HUG, Geneva

"I completed over a dozen classes with Agnes Janich to refresh my English skills. I want to strongly recommend her. She is dynamic, curious, proactive and very professional. After the first meeting, which was an assessment of my needs, we quickly went on to discuss case studies (based on videos and articles) in my domain, hospital infrastructure projects. We also undertook a visit to the newly completed hospital building to relate the vocabulary I learned to its actual use. Agnes helped me discover numerous websites to support my English learning:,, A big thank you!!"


Gaëtan Tiger, Director of Projects and Processes, University Hospital, Geneva

  • we assess your Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing and Use of English skills

  • we discover your strong and weak points + necessary areas of improvement

  • we devise a schedule and intermittent deadlines

  • we present you our 8-step program

  • we find out whether you would like to pass one of the major English (CFE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL, LCCI levels 1,2,3,4) or legal English (LNAT for law students, TOLES for Advocates, Attorneys, Barristers and Judges) exams we can prepare you for

  • we discover your personal preferences: the format in which you need to be corrected, your interests and work-related vocabulary, source materials best for you and your particular skills that, together, we will build upon

we clearly outline what we can achieve and when


Djemila, Researcher, Université de Genève

"I worked with Agnes on my presentation for a scientific conference on International Humanitarian Law. Agnes corrected the presentation text, paying great attention to detail. We also worked on presentation skills and speech articulation. She adapted the classes to my needs and based them on, besides her own resources, the exact articles, PhD thesis and supplementary materials that I needed to discuss. She was very thorough and did her best to help my succeed. Indeed, the presentation and the ensuing discussion both went very well. I am fully satisfied with the academic English classes I took with Agnes."


Djemila, Researcher, Université de Genève

  • contract preparation and negotiation

  • Management Board presentations with elements of Body Language

  • confidential document preparation (with an NDA)

  • mastering the language of persuasion

  • successful, brief, to-the-point meetings


You no longer translate, you get to think in English!


A.U., banker, Geneva

"She is very effective in her teaching. Not many teachers are able to stimulate you to the extent she does. As a teacher, she has great communication skills and her explanations are short and helpful. She is great in that because she does not just give the answers away, she makes you think. It helped me understand how to learn more effectively."


A.U., banker, Geneva

  • interactive (films, audio, texts, exercises)

  • tailored to your interests, lifestyle and career

  • designed to be practiced in your leisure time (when driving, relaxing, doing sports)

  • rich in case studies 

  • revised monthly 

  • focused not only on language excellence, but British and American cultural awareness as well